At Allied Mechanical Services we fabricate rectangular, spiral, & oval ductwork. To minimize time and maximize accuracy, we fabricate, manifold and deliver our ductwork to your job site.


Standards up to 112′ stretch out

Spiral Ductwork


Capabilities to produce 3″-100″

Oval Ductwork


6″ – 36″ minor axis

19″ – 143″ major axis


Tube Former

This machine receives information from BIM models which allows us to help customers minimize field joints.

Automated Rotary Machine

Puts beads on fittings at a much faster pace than the average hand-cranked rotary machine. This machine allows us to produce overlap oval gores without hand cranking a rotary machine.


Our Gorelocker creates standing seam elbows which eliminates the need for welded gore elbows.

Spot Welder

Assembles tees and oval fittings without manual welding to decrease production time and increase accuracy. 

Stitch Welder

Creates a 100% seal without the use of sealer. Its "Z Beam" creates a consistent overlap up to five feet. This means our fittings will have a consistent diameter and will be assembled with less manual labor.


This programmable automatic roller is for round and oval fittings and allows us to minimizes time of production.


Allows us to pre-ovalize spiral safely and without the use of a forklift.


This machine helps customers minimize field joints by directly receiving information from and BIM model.

Coil Line

Produces standard length rectangular ductwork.


At Allied Mechanical, we have the equipment for prefabricating your ductwork. When prefabricating, we put sections of ductwork together in our shop saving time at the job site. Prefabricating duct at our shop allows us to handle the ductwork in a more controlled environment saving time on jobsites and overall money.