City of Wyoming Clean Water Plant

CONTRACT AMOUNT: $12,000,000

Unique Features: The project consisted of a major expansion for the Wyoming Clean Water Plant Aeration facilities and also included rehabilitation of many existing facilities. The rehabilitation portion of the project had to be done while not interrupting operation of the facility. This required close coordination with the City of Wyoming when shutdowns and flow diversion took place.

The new Aeration facility included five 500 HP Multistage Centrifugal Blowers, two 60 HP Basin Drainage Pumps, fifteen Vertical Mixers, and 15,000 Fine Pore Aeration Heads. The process piping included cement lined ductile iron piping ranging in size from 4” to 36” in diameter weighing up to 5,500 lbs. per section and steel aeration piping ranging in size from 16” to 30” in diameter. The process piping system included valves that ranged in size from 4” to 36” in diameter.

The new RAS/WAS building included twelve Centrifugal Pumps, Four Horizontal Chopper Pumps, and Four 90’ diameter Final Clarifiers. Interconnecting cement lined ductile iron piping ranging in size from 4” to 16” in diameter was also installed. The rehabilitation phase of the project included five Vertical End Suction Centrifugal Pumps, four 100’ diameter Primary Clarifiers Drives, and custom fabricated cement lined steel piping ranging in size from 20” to 48” in diameter. Additional capacity for the Ferric Chloride and Sodium Hypochlorite systems were also part of the work.

This project was the largest expansion and rehabilitation project that has been undertaken since the original facility was built. This expansion will process a larger volume of wastewater more efficiently. This results in cleaner water discharging into the Grand River. The City of Wyoming now has an efficient facility that can service the local community for years to come.