The main idea behind lean construction is to evaluate and modify methods and processes with the goal of eliminating waste and maximizing customer value. Lean processes use fewer resources and deliver projects in less time, with fewer defects, and at lower cost.

Years ago, before lean concepts had widely emerged, Allied Mechanical began its heavy investment in prefabrication equipment and facilities to provide a competitive advantage when pursuing work for demanding pharmaceutical manufacturers. The resultant efficiency and quality helped the company deliver projects in less time and with fewer defects – the very definition of lean before the term even became popular. Today, the investment continues, and a wide variety of clients have been served by our highly automated 100,000 sq. ft. piping and sheet metal fabrication facility.

Allied Mechanical’s lean processes are not confined to the fabrication shop. As described above, our use of technology in the field is a great example of a lean process. The speed and accuracy of the 3D laser scanner eliminates the need for field measurement, saving field labor and eliminating waste due to measurement errors while assuring precision accuracy and increased quality. The value of lower cost, higher quality, and earlier project completion is obvious.