Family owned for over 30 years. More than 200 employees strong, with an average tenure of 14 years.


Shaping the Industry Through Diversity & Inclusion

Our goal is to sustain a culture that believes that diversity and inclusion should be natural within a company culture rather than forced from top-down. We have created a culture based on tolerance and second chances.

GRCC Scholarship

Allied Mechanical Services Female Service Technician Scholarship works with Grand Rapids Community College to attract women into the male dominated trade. This scholarship fully pays for the individual’s education while simultaneously allowing them to get paid and gain valuable on-the-job training through AMS. Upon completion of school the position has the potential to move from temp to hire.

Vocational Village

We at Allied Mechanical Services are big advocates for second chances. Vocational Village is a resource that we frequently use to seek qualified returning citizens. We believe that individuals are not only determined by their past, but rather how they change and see their future.

Creating Industry Diversity

Allied Mechanical Services recognizes that a diverse workforce overall leads to more success for us and our jobsites. To aid in the success of this mission, AMS has mentored local minority owned businesses as well as utilized programs to find qualified diverse subcontractors for our projects. It is our policy that when we award contracts to our subcontractors that we do not discriminate in any way and ensure contracts are honored fairly.

Community Involvement

Our community is important to us. To help promote diversity and inclusion outside of our workplace we participate in many events and support many foundations both physically and monetarily.

2020 Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) National Diversity Excellence Award Winners